Outdoor Clothes: Trousers (GoodSmile CO.)(Nendoriod Doll)

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Expand your "Nendoroid Doll" wardrobe with these simple, easy-to-wear casual pants! These pants were designed to be worn by Nendoroid Dolls equipped with the Nendoroid Doll Height Adjustment Set. Available in a wide variety of colors, these pants are the perfect mix-and-match casual wear your Nendoroid Dolls have been looking for. Order yours today!

NOTE: There are 2 Sizes for each color please check the picture for more informations


You can choose between 8 colors and 2 sizes:

Denim - Navy

Denim - Navy L

Denim - Blue

Denim - Blue L


Black L


Beige L


Khaki L


Brown L


White L

Navy L

Navy L

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