Cross Frame Girl Dark Magician Girl (Plastic model)

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--Black Magician Girl
--Summon with a plastic model !!!

--From the card game anime monument [Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters], he has been active in numerous battles as the main monster of the main character Yugi Mutou, and is proud of the top class popularity in the work due to its cute appearance [Black Magician Girl] Finally appeared as a plastic model.
――The prototype master [Sou Shirahige] who was in charge of the prototype of the Kotobukiya finished PVC figure [Black Magician Girl], which is still extremely popular as a remanufactured product since its first release in 2011, is in charge of the direction!
-Both appearance modeling that faithfully reproduces the proportions of the setting image and movable design using CAD design!
――And you can enjoy various poses and productions in the play with replaceable optional parts such as facial expression parts and wrist parts.

――As an original gimmick unique to plastic models, it is partially compatible with the Kotobukiya original plastic model [Frame Arms Girl] series, greatly expanding the range of play as a plastic model.

[Product specifications]
――The four facial expressions that come with the product are already painted, so even if you just assemble them, the finish will be close to the setting.
-The hat can be attached and detached with the head attachment parts.
――The hat and bangs come with flowing left and right, so you can enjoy the display from various angles by replacing them.
――Replacement attachment parts allow you to put on and take off some of the clothes that hang from your chest to your shoulders.
――By adopting a ball-jointed doll with a movable axis, you can pose with a rich expression.
――The wrist, including the joints, can be recombined with the wrist of the existing Frame Arms Girl series.
--The 3mm diameter connection hole located on the back waist makes it compatible with the separately sold [MSG [New Flying Base] [New Flying Base Plus]], etc., allowing display in floating action poses in the play. ..
-Since the accessory [Magic Spellbook] is deployed without replacement, it can be displayed in both open and closed states.
--As a plastic model original gimmick, facial expression parts and some 3mm connection points are partially compatible with the Kotobukiya original plastic model [Frame Arms Girl] series.

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