1/48 HG Reginleif (Raiden / Theo Use)

  • 15.000 KD
    سعر الوحدة لكل 

بقي 1 فقط!

New from the wildly popular "86 -EIGHTY SIX-" comes a 1/48 scale HG Reginleif kit you don't want to miss. Equipped with multiple points of articulation, as well as a host of optional accessory pieces, a number of intense action-packed poses can be reproduced for your ultimate display. Be sure to order yours today!

Note: Images show colored figures, but the figures come molded in white.

[Set Contents]:

  • Smoothbore Gun x 1
  • Large Machine Gun x 1
  • Heavy Machine Gun x 2
  • Lead Wire x 2
  • Figure (molded in white) x 2
  • Marking Sticker x 1
  • Foil Sticker x 1
  • Action Base x 1

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